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IMAGE COMING SOON Team: 21AT011 Erik (now 21AT211) and 21AT014 Loïc (now 21AT140 

QTH: Ingmarsö island, Baltic Sea

Radio: Icom ic-735 (100 W)

Antenna: 1/2 wave vertical

Number of contacts: 1194

Worked DXCC countries: 30


The story

May 16, 1997

At 09:50 local time (07:50 GMT) the boat left the port in Stockholm, carrying us and the equipment, plus some other hundred passengers.
After 3 hours and numerous stops through the impressingly beatiful archipelago, we finally reached Ingmarso island, which is located about 45 kilometers north-east of Stockholm, in the Baltic sea.
After reaching the QTH of the expedition and saying hello to our hosts, we immediatly started to mount the antenna; a half wave vertical. we were very anxious whether the propagation would be ok or not. Our antenna work certainly speeded up since we had signals at S5 on 27.555, with the antenna still laying on the ground.....
After having put up the antenna, we tossed for the first call, 140 Loïc was the winnner.
Loïc started calling cq a few times on 555, and then QSY:ed. We had a pile up going at once!!
The first QSO was with 13AT715. This day saw a total of 338 contacts.

May 17, 1997

The band opened quite early, at about 04:30 UTC, and some "early birds" all over Europe were worked.
Anyone wondering why we went QRT for more than two hours this day?
Well, let´s just say that we went for a walk to discover the island and to take some photoes. Suddenly we found ourself quite lost in the more distant parts of the island, walking small muddy paths in the middle of nowhere.....
Finally we found a sign leading us home again.
The propagation was not as good as the first day, but we managed 365 contacts.

May 18, 1997

The first QSO was made already at 03:18 UTC in the morning, to Scotland.
After working the radio for a couple of hours we had breakfast, and decided to stay away from any longer excursions, remebering the adventure the previous day...
411 contacts this day


May 19, 1997

The last day of the expedition saw quite poor propagation. The band was as good as closed at 09:00 UTC.
Numerous CQ-calls were made in vain.
We started to pack the luggage. The last station into the log was 21AT140 (Shortest "DX" ever?? Distance about 2 meters....)
At 13:20 (11:20 UTC) the boat left Ingmarso island that had been our home for almost four days.
We were very tired, but also satisfied to have been working so many stations, with only a few hours of good propagation each day, with only a vertical antenna.
Many Thanks to all who gave us a call
-or at least tried......